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Motion Graphics and Animation Production

So you’ve got an exciting new product or service to tell the world about. Or maybe there’s a can’t-miss event you want to promote to a target audience. Static PDF's or PowerPoint presentations do not generate the kind of enthusiasm your audience deserves. Design Launch will deliver your message with a sense of excitement. Our team will develop an animated motion graphics presentation that is state-of-the-art, and an extremely cost effective way to convey and deliver your message.
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Motion Graphics

With over 20 years of animation and motion graphics production our team is here to help. Motion graphics videos are an essential part of your digital marketing efforts. Motion graphics are high impact visuals that get your audience engaged right away. Motion graphics can use a variety of media to tell the story. These can include, stock and custom video, vector artwork, illustrations, icons, photographs and visual effects. There are a number of different types of motion graphics that can be created.

  • Corporate explainer videos are high end presentations that explain your message in a professional video format.
  • Cartoon style animations are a great way to tell your story as long as the imagery reflects the brand in the right way.
  • Whiteboard animations are essentially sped up whiteboard hand drawings timed to voice over. These are great visuals to explain very complicated concepts over 90 seconds in length.
  • Kinetic type animations are also a great way to emphasize your messaging, like quotes or social messages.

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2D & 3D Animation

Stories rely on impactful visuals to convey your messaging. Depending on your needs one animation style may be more beneficial than another. 2D animation is a blend of hand drawn and digital illustrations that are illustrated in a primarily a flat format. These are usually highly stylized with a variety of characters, backgrounds and props to help tell the story. Characters or branding elements can take advantage of 2D production formats. Production for 2D animation is very labor intensive and requires very thorough pre production processes that include storyboarding, model sheets and keyframes for scene development.

3D production is a very technical production process that allows for both organic and hard surface designs. Everything in a 3D environment has to be created from scratch or modifications of existing models. 3D production includes a variety of assets that are created in a variety of 3D software applications and are developed specifically for the final output. The process involves a team of artists to create the story, models, textures & materials, lighting, rigs, animations and final rendering for video formats. 3D production is a great choice for product visualizations, and storytelling.

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Concept Development

Any animation or motion graphics production requires a great concept and the right approach to developing your story. We work with you to identify the right style, story and production process for your budget. This stage is critical for estimating your project because we will use the discovery process to build a creative brief and align that to production estimates. This will help identify where we can focus efforts before production begins. We talk through high level story arcs, style requirements, quantity and quality considerations to make your vision become reality.

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Scripting is the first stage in production that lets us really understand the complexity and tone of your video. We address the audience, visuals and audio requirements here to help build a story arc that users can follow and get the message across. We use the script to further refine the story and prep for storyboards and animatic needs.

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Storyboarding & Animatics

Storyboards are where we need to spend the most time making changes and considerations for each scene. We use storyboards to understand the complex visuals and timing for the video. The boards help us identify ways to improve the story, adjust scene composition and determine new solutions for visuals and animations.

In the animatic stage we are timing the voice over, music and scene pacing to match the beat of the story. Here we can make changes to timing and think creatively on the camera movements and layouts to improve the story. Animatics are typically rendered out as videos that are handed off to the animation and motion graphics teams to create final visuals for post production.

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Post Production

Post production is the last stage of production where we make adjustments and finishing touches on the video. This includes color corrections, sound effects, audio mastering, visual effects, composting and transitional elements for final output. Post production is where the final approved video is exported into a variety of formats for final delivery. Video formats can include web streaming videos, trade show or external monitors, in application playback and large format projections.

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2D & 3D

Creating high impact motion graphics for your products, services or messages

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