Website & Application Development

Build an online business, not just a website or an app.

Get your online business performing and producing results fast! Let our team help you design your next website or application.

We provide comprehensive programming, user experience design and digital content creation for your website and applications.
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Website Design & Development

No matter what type of business, site, or style of design you are looking for, we can create the perfect website for you! Our expert team has been building and designing websites for over 16 years and we know how to get it done quickly and correctly. We understand what it takes to get your site looking professional and performing properly on multiple devices.

Creating your website with responsive design is essential for customers viewing your site on their phones or tablets. It is also required for google rankings.

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UI & UX Development

Understanding the difference between a User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is critical when developing a successful website or application. A website or application user interface also known as UI is where the user interacts with what is on the screen either through a mouse or tapping of a finger. These elements can be menu bars, buttons, windows and other types of controls. Our team leverages design and development best practices to make these UI elements part of a seamless user experience.

The user experience or UX is how the person feels and their attitude about how they interact with your web site or application. It includes the valuable aspects between the human and computer interaction. To create a great user experience we need to understand your audience's needs and why you think you are creating the product. We want to understand the information architecture, develop customer journey maps and determine a series of other user focused discovery requirements to create a truly great user experience.

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HTML 5 Websites

We specialize in the creation of HTML5 responsive websites. HTML5 is the combination of HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript code that is used to create web pages. HTML5 sites work across all platforms and screens. They do not require additional plug in features or costly maintenance and hosting required for a content management system.

These sites are primarily used for smaller websites that do not require a data base or a lot of custom interactions with 3rd party applications. However HTML 5 development is used throughout both content management systems (CMS) like wordpress, or E Commerce platforms.

We also create HTML5 elements to enhance the other platforms and existing sites in a variety of different ways.

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E Commerce

There are a lot of E Commerce Solutions available to customers. Depending on your needs some platforms may not always be the best solution. E Commerce sites include a variety of considerations for a successful online store. Some of these items include product imagery & descriptions, platform selection, shopping carts, shipping, return policies, customer support, payment gateways, and an overall marketing strategy.

Some platforms are designed for large retail web stores that sell thousands of products and also include a variety of merchant tools for your company in one suite. Other sites may be more aligned to a specialized product offering that you may have a limited supply of. E Commerce is a valuable resource for both B2B and B2C clients. We have worked with several platforms and can help you navigate the setup and configuration of your online store.

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Content Management Systems

Content management systems (CMS) are becoming a popular choice for a website solution. Some customers are mixing HTML5 sites and CMS platforms to create highly targeted user experiences. A CMS platform manages the creation and modifications of a variety of digital content in a collaborative environment.

CMS platforms allow customers to make edits and add content to their site using the platform’s tools and back end interface. Customers do not need extensive programming skills to make modifications. CMS systems can require a variety of complex hosting and plugin configuration and maintenance, let our team help you with these decisions.

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Website Maintenance

Having an online business requires time and attention constantly. Our team can help you with your web maintenance needs from graphics, landing pages, content section modifications, navigation updates and supporting html creation and modifications.

Each site has unique requirements and we will work with you to determine the best approach. In addition to maintenance you may want to review our other creative services for your digital marketing efforts. We look forward to helping you!

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Wesbsite Maintenance Chicago Image
Application Development

Depending on your application needs, we can help identify the right solution for your app. There are a lot of new tools and features that can be leveraged for your application framework. The primary application development features include native application development and web applications. Native applications are created using a specific code set that are unique to the device operating system. An Apple iOS application created using native code would be specific to the iOS device and similarly the Android platform can leverage its own native code that would be specific to the Android device.

A popular alternative to native applications are hybrid and mobile web applications that use hybrid tools that output code for multiple applications or content is hosted via cloud servers and then the web information is loaded inside the application.

Each development option has very distinct advantages depending on your application needs. In addition to the application development clients should also consider the following items; maintenance, code and customer support, branding, website and application store requirements. Reach out to us to learn more about application development and what is the right solution for you.

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Responsive Design

Let us help you design your next website and application.

Website and application development are primary touch points for your business and brand. In addition to the core design and functionality of your website and app, we work with you to ensure brand alignment and digital marketing alignment. We don’t just create websites and apps we help you build an online business.